Operational Capacity

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Intraday Cycle:

Operational Capacity Report - Daily
This report will summarize the operational quantities, in MMBTU, for each location on Great Lakes' pipe for a given day. Further, it will display the scheduled quantities and the calculated operationally available capacity left over for each location.
To generate the report, follow these steps:
1. Select the date (mm/dd/yyyy)
2. Select the cycle desired (Timely, Evening, Intra-1, Intra 2 or Late Intra)
3. Click 'RUN' (the report will generate on screen)
4. To Print - Adjust Page Setup Orientation to Landscape, Margins to 0.75"Left / 0.75" Right / 0.75" Top / Bottom 0.75"
5. Select File, Print



Revised:  09/18/13