Services Offered

At Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnership, we stand ready to provide prompt, dependable service to our customers.

Our basic services include:

Firm forwardhaul transportation, which is provided to customers every day of the year without interruption. Firm open access transportation service includes: the right to segment capacity, the ability to reduce reservation fees by releasing capacity to others when the service entitlement is not required, as well as the option to utilize secondary receipt and delivery points on the Great Lakes pipeline system on a best efforts basis.

Limited Firm Forwardhaul transportation, which is a cost saver, is available for a certain number of days over a longer term of service. Upon subscribing to Limited Firm Transportation, you pay a reduced reservation fee, and in exchange, agree to allow Great Lakes to determine which specific days within the contract period that the gas flows. This may be an ideal service for shippers needing to fill storage versus meeting a daily market need.

Interruptible forwardhaul transportation, which is provided on a best effort basis when operational conditions permit. Interruptible shippers have access to all receipt and delivery points along the Great Lakes pipeline system.

Backhaul transportation, which is available to customers every day of the year in the form of firm discounted service, and interruptible service. The firm discounted backhaul service is offered to all customers at discounted rates. This service allows for customer demand fluctuations and is ideal for meeting customer’s seasonal peaking needs.

Backhauls may be facilitated under a shipper’s interruptible transportation contract as well. Interruptible shippers have access to all receipt and delivery points along the Great Lakes pipeline system. This service utilizes Great Lakes’ current tariff rates for interruptible transportation and has a high degree of operational reliability. It is suitable for serving customer’s short term and spot backhaul needs.

Market center services, which allow our shippers to park or borrow gas. This is an interruptible service, which is provided through the flexibility in Great Lakes’ line pack. Within the market center, shippers and non-shippers can also transfer title to their gas. Park, loan, and title transfer capabilities are available at every receipt and delivery point along the system.

Storage-related transportation services, which are provided through use of storage fields owned by others close to our system. These include the storage fields owned by our affiliate companies, ANR Pipeline Company and ANR Storage Company, as well as those owned by Michigan Consolidated Gas Company and Consumers Energy. Canadian storage through Union Gas is also available at Dawn, just downstream from Great Lakes across the Michigan/Ontario border.